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The company Stucchi 1950 S.r.l.s. powder exhausting systems has been on the european market for over 40 years and it is specialised in the design and manufacture of body shop equipment and equipment for wooden and fibre-glass sanding. Stucchi has a whole range of industrial exhaust systems, a series of mobile or wheeled exhausters with single-phase motors and a series of fixed exhausters with three-phase exhaust turbines.
The available work or sanding stations are fixed with panels, multipurpose hexagons and energy distribution modules, and mobile such as the binary sliding aerial system or the articulated exhauster arm.
This equipment can be used in every body shop, carpenter's workshop, industry or in the nautical sector (shipyards, yacht manufacturing, boat maintenance).
Stucchi 1950 S.r.l.s. powder exhausting systems puts technicians and design engineers at the customer's disposal with the aim of achieving the ideal solution.
Thanks to the internal design team, Stucchi 1950 S.r.l.s. is able to realise vacuum systems or customised work peripheral devices according to customers' requirements.
Stucchi 1950 S.r.l.s. a world of solutions...

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